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Activity Packages

and Other Goodies

The Activity Packages that accompany each Etienne CD come complete with hundreds of writing, listening and reading worksheets, activities, lyrics to the songs, games, game ideas and more! These activities are ready-to-use for Smartboards or for easy printing and sharing. Maximize the effect of the songs and videos of Etienne with these interactive, communicative and hands-on activities!




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Literacy-based activities

Word Games Interactive activities
58_Franacais__Franacais____art_sheet__Copy_0_resized.jpeg FF_a__l___aecole_Copy_0.jpeg 103_to_105_answer_sheets_Copy_1.jpeg
Diff. Instruction and Mult. Int. Sheets Lyric sheets Answer Sheets and more!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for use with the songs and videos of ETIENNE. Purchase and download your complete Activity Packages below:


CLT_Guide.jpg LD_Guide.jpg CM_Guide.jpg ET_Guide.jpg

Le retour

Activity Guide

C'est le temps

Activity Guide

La danse des araignées Activity Guide

Chez Moi

Activity Guide


Activtity Guide

$19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99
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EE_Guide.jpg MG_Guide.gif GJ_Guide.jpg GJ2_Guide.jpg

Chantons les classiques ! Activity Guide

Educorock Espanol Activity Guide

Me Gusta Activity Guide

Grammar Jams Activity Guide

Grammar Jams 2 Activity Guide

FREE ($0.00) $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99








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Pourquoi Take French?

T-shirts (complete with lyrics)


(Aller, Avoir, Être & Faire)

Posters and


Don't just wear the love of FRENCH on your sleeve! Let your WHOLE SCHOOL know the answers to the question "Pourquoi Take French?" with this incredible new T-shirt. 

In the days of text messaging shortcuts like "LOL" and "OMG", you can set a new trend with this "PTF?" t-shirt. The front asks "PTF?" while the back features the words to the popular song "Pourquoi Take French?"  People will be reading, laughing out loud (LOL) and learning out loud (LOL) when they read the lyrics!

Available in PINK or BLACK!

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Available in French, Spanish, German, and Latin... Students can have fun while conjugating verbs with this innovative tool. This 4 tile set includes four verbs in your chosen language. 


If your students play hand-held video games or know how to text message, this is the tool for them!


French verbs: Avoir, Être, Aller, Faire.

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All posters are autographed before they are shipped! Order yours today for your classroom or your students homes! Only $1.00

These temporary tattoos make great incentive prizes!

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