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+ Has been a certified teacher for over 25 years teaching French (and other subjects) to grades 1-12 Core French and French Immersion students at five different school boards. In that time, he has served as:


-Elementary school teacher (French Core and Immersion) – 8 years
-Secondary school teacher (French Core and Immersion) – 16 years
-Department Head (Modern Language) - 13 years
-Project Coordinator (FSL Renewal) – 2 years
-Think Literacy Coach – 3 years
-System Mentor (NTIP) – 20+ years
-Coach for multiple school teams (hockey, basketball, soccer) – 20+ years
-Organizer of a wide variety of field trips for students from recording studios to trips abroad (England, France and Spain)



+ Authored, consulted on and/or composed music for several widely-used international school programs produced by leading educational companies including:


-Thomson Nelson (Tout ados)
-Oxford University Press (Communi-quête)
-Pearson Education (On y va)
-Prentice Hall, Ginn (Acti-vie)
-Gage Canada
-Denmark’s Forlag Malling Beck

-Plein Air Productions

-Wired Solutions (Xpresslab)



+ As the French educational performer “Étienne,” he has been involved with the production of several CDs and DVDs used daily in French, Spanish and English classrooms around the world. He authored a complete Activity Package for each, as well. (www.educorock.com): 


-Chantons les classiques ! CD - 2013
-Étienne: Les vidéos françaises DVD - 2011
-Étienne: Los videos españoles DVD - 2011
-Français! Francais! CD/DVD/Activity Package - 2010
-Le retour CD - 2008
-"Beauty of Discovery" (single) - 2006
-Me gusta CD - 2005
-Grammar Jams 2 CD - 2004
-Grammar Jams CD - 2003
-C'est le temps CD - 2002
-Rockumentaire (Videos Collection) - 1999
-Educorock Español CD - 1999
-La danse des araignees CD - 1998
-Chez Moi CD - 1996
-Étienne s/t cassette/CD – 1994




+ As the French educational performer “DJ DELF,” he been involved in the production of one CD and one DVD. These are included as a part of the popular DJ DELF Kit. (www.djdelf.com)


-Animated Videos Package (http://djdelf.com/animated-videos/)
-DJ DELF Kit CD/DVD – 2014
-Be Media Safe – 2015 (www.bemediasafe.com)
-Ah…Bibliothèque !  (tribute track)- 2016



+ Toured worldwide, multiple times, performing sold-out concerts in theatres and arenas and gained an international fan-base (@etienne2) including, most famously, Justin Bieber, who sang the Étienne song “Avoir II” live on national TV (France) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6hKSl8FgBU



+ Several of his songs have been used in other provincial and school district-specific programs, TV programs and in a Hollywood movie



+ Had several songs translated into the Cree language



+ His music and videos are distributed on iTunes and by most major music stores, websites and by children’s and educational media distributors worldwide



+ Has presented keynote addresses, workshops and sessions at major international, national, state and provincial foreign language conferences worldwide



+ Has received many awards and honours for his work in music and education including:


-Canada’s Artist of the Year (Children’s Category) – 2009
-Canada’s Artist of the Year (Children’s Category) – 2005

-Recipient of the 2003 Helen B. St. John Award for “outstanding professional contribution and leadership in the field of modern languages” from the Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association. Akin to a ‘lifetime achievement award,’ he is the youngest person to be awarded this honour.
-Winner of a “2002 Parents' Choice Award” for his DVD “Rockumentaire”
-Winner of a “2002 Parents' Choice Award” for his CD “C’est le temps”


  + Education profile


-B.A. (French) University of Windsor
-B.Ed. University of Windsor
-Studied at University of Waterloo, Mt. Allison University, University of Nice (France)
-Graduate courses: University of Western Ontario
-Served on several University committees including Student Council and Hiring and Tenure Committee, Visible Minority Committee (U. of Windsor)



+ In his spare time, he enjoys working out, traveling and spending quiet time with his family



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