Chantons les classiques ! CD

Watch and listen to clips from this CD of French classics!


The question is: What is the best way to promote French culture in the classroom?

The answer is: We think the best way is to have students bring a piece of French culture home for them to use and keep!

French teachers and students can now experience the very songs that we sang growing up! Keep these 10 French classics alive and well in your own home and in school!



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Au clair de la lune Traditional song  circa: 18th century 

Sur le pont d'Avignon

Traditional song circa: 15th century  France


 Chevaliers de la table ronde Traditional song circa: 19th century  

 Au royaume du bonhomme hiver Traditional song circa: 20th century $0.99

Vive la Canadienne! Traditional song circa: 19th century $0.99

Frère Jacques Traditional song circa: 17th century $0.99

Alouette  Traditional song circa: 18th century $0.99

Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser Traditional song circa: 16th century

Bonne fête Traditional song written by P. & M. Hill in 1893

O Canada

Canadian national anthem in French
Calixte Lavallée, Adolphe-Basile Routhier (1880)




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Note the "circa dates" on these classics! What a great way to keep these classics and the French culture alive and well.

Teacher Recommendation:You may wish to consider the Chantons les classiques ! DVD which is complete with 10 music videos (with lyrics) for these 10 classic French songs. Perfect for the visual learners in your classroom!


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