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To get or reserve seats for an upcoming French concert, complete the form to the right. Good news! You get one free seat for every 20 students attending. Be sure to enter both your total needed seats and the total payable seats properly when completing the form. If attending the concert in Stratford, you can click HERE if you would rather complete and fax in the reservation form.



For "RESERVATION PAYMENT OPTION" type one of the following until the green check mark appears in the field box :


1. Please type the word "FULL" if paying in full.


2. Please type the word "DEPOSIT" if paying the 50% deposit at this time. The amount will adjust accordingly.


3. Please type the word "INVOICE" if you wish to be sent an invoice to pay the 50% deposit 45 days before the concert.

Can't wait to see you at the show!



 Reserve your concert seats via fax by downloading, completing and faxing this form:








From 1993-1997 Etienne toured tirelessly performing fun, loud French concerts in school gyms and auditoriums across Canada and the United States.


In 1998, the popularity of his music forced Étienne to upgrade concert venues to theatres, concert halls and arenas. Since then, Étienne has performed world tours of sold-out shows to crowds of 500 to 5000+. 


The development of the DJ DELF Kit and the French Playground has kept him from his tour obligations of late. However, the latter is exactly where you can catch up with Étienne for a free, online interview and sometimes for a surprise performance.


Go to the French Playground (click the image below) and check the "Coin culturel" calendar to see upcoming dates and time to interact with other schools from around the world LIVE with Étienne or DJ DELF.



Connect with Etienne/DJ DELF