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The DJ DELF Kit includes a career's worth of AUTHENTIC TASKS and ACTIVITIES that are guaranteed to help you fulfill 100% of your French curriculum.

The Kit features nine real, life aspects (shopping, restaurants, navigating streets, meeting people, etc.) and includes a huge resource binder filled with over 230+ authentic tasks and activities, skits with interchangeable vocabulary, CD (18 tracks), DVD (18 lyric videos), hypoallergenic ball, and incentive prizes.

The Kit also includes, practice order forms, menus, maps and more. In addition, the Kit is complete with graphic organizers, R.A.F.T.S., interactive BINGO and board games, a music video making unit, internet research tasks, evaluation and assessment tools and metacognitive checklists.

The Kit comes with 24/7 support, an interactive website and forever free additions called "Booster Packs."  Plus more...