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Educorock Español CD

Educorock Español CD

 Spanish teachers and students can enjoy fantastic songs to teach grammar and vocabulary with lyrics that are set to music that is current and popular. Each song on the CD "Educorock Español" targets one or more structures and is be played in a different style of music.



    SONG TITLE                                     

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                           SONG DESCRIPTION                                                           






Tener An in-your-face club dance song that targets comprehension and manipulation of the verb TENER in the present tense.

 Andar con -AR

A powerful rock song targeting comprehension and manipulation of regular Spanish verbs that end in -AR.


Mi, mi, mis A contagious hip-hop song that targets the comprehension and manipulation of possessive adjectives.

 Ser A rock anthem song that targets comprehension and manipulation of the verb "SER" in the present tense.

Los blues en -IR
A  mean "blues" tune that will have your students manipulating -IR Spanish verbs with ease. $0.99

La sala de clase
A funky rap song targeting comprehension of key classroom vocabulary, positions and more. $0.99

Los colores  A hip-hop song played to a familiar tune that targets the ten basic colors.  

En la granja
A rap song that targets key "farm animal" vocabulary and reinforces manipulation of -AR verbs. Instrumental included.

Los pronombres An energetic rock song that targets the comprehension and manipulation of pronouns. This song uses gestures.

El cuerpo
A club dance song that targets key "body parts" vocabulary, getting students dancing and physically demonstrating which body parts are which. $0.99



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The Activity Package is filled with interactive reading, writing and listening sheets plus the bonus Rock Video Unit which your students will love as they make their OWN music videos for students of the future.

Teacher Recommendation: You may wish to consider the Los vídeos españoles DVD which has five music videos for songs from this CD.


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