La danse des araignées CD

This CD features popular classics including AVOIR II and Mon, Ma, Mes. These 11 songs use catchy music to teach important grammatical and thematic structures. Songs are designed to `get stuck` in your students' heads for years to come.






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                     SONG DESCRIPTION 







Sans erREur  powerful rock song targeting comprehension of regular -RE verbs; including conjugation, spelling and use in sentences.  

Mon, ma, mes
A hip-hop song about possessive adjectives. Get the students demonstrating mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, tes and son, sa, ses. 

Les pronoms  

 An energetic rock song that targets the comprehension of pronouns. Demonstrate comprehension with hand gestures. 


La danse des araignées  
A reggae/dance song that targets the comprehension of parts of the body and directions (ex. le nord, l’ouest).

Avoir II
A club dance song about the verb "Avoir" including conjugation, spelling, and the present tense and "le passé composé." 

Les Mois
 A catchy song designed to teach the students the months of the year and other key "calendar" vocabulary.  $0.99

 Sur le pont d’Avignon   A rockin’ twist to a classic song. This version includes a few new fresh lines. 

Les sports
A funky tune designed to introduce students to different "sports" vocabulary. Act out favourite sports while singing. 


 Vive le Canada A song celebrating the strength and tradition of Canada. The song has useful vocabulary for a unit on "Le Canada." 


Ô Canada Spruce up your morning announcements with this acoustic "unplugged" version of the Canadian anthem.  $0.99

 Dansez! (Remix)
A special re-mix of the popular Étienne dance song.  $0.99


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In the Activity Package you will discover a great variety of worksheets that accompany each song - providing students with practical opportunities to demonstrate their listening, reading and written comprehension skills. The added bonus of websites, games, activities and game ideas make the reinforcement of the structures covered in these songs an enjoyable challenge. We especially encourage you to try the `Possessive Adjectives Tic-Tac-Toe Game.` It`s like a live game of Survivor right in your classroom!

Teacher Recommendation: You may wish to consider the Rockumentaire DVD which has five music videos for songs from this CD.


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