Le retour CD

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French teachers and students can enjoy fantastic songs to teach grammar and vocabulary with lyrics that are set to music that is current and popular. Each song on the CD "Le retour" targets one or more structures and is played in a different style of music. This CD features the popular song "Pourquoi Take French?"



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Sauvez la planète! A club dance song featuring vocab. on recycling and environmental issues.

 Le passé composé

A hard rock anthem on regular –ER, -IR and –RE verbs in the past tense


 The Flag Song  A dance track on use/placement of pronouns from  « me,te,se…lui,leur,y, en ».

 Des verbes irregul. au p.c. A hip hop song for the passé composé of most irregular French verbs. $0.99

Ma famille
A rock song covering key family vocabulary and interesting brain-teasers. $0.99

Pourquoi Take French? A famous rap song that tells exactly why students should take French. $0.99

Allô! Salut! Bonjour! A hip hop song covering dozens of common, basic French expressions.  $0.99

Le monstre sous mon lit Scary music backs this fantastic descriptive art exercise. Instrumental version included for interactive play.

Des expressions - être et avoir A funky song covering dozens of useful expressions that use être and avoir.

The Beauty of Discovery A touching ballad from the  FFLA/Glencoe McGraw-Hill song contest. Instrumental included.



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The Activity Package is filled with interactive literacy-based reading, writing and listening activities; plus bonus games and game ideas.

Teacher Recommendation: You may wish to consider the Les vidéos françaises DVD which has three music videos for songs from this CD.

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