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ÉTIENNE is the self-titled debut album that started it all. With each song targeting one or more structures and played in a different style of music, French teachers and students can enjoy fun songs to teach French grammar and vocabulary. This album features the popular songs "Être" and "Sautez!" Complete album download. Good for introduction or review. All grades. All levels.

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A rock anthem song that includes conjugation, spelling, and sentences. Targets manipulation of adjectives used with "Être."   

Dansez !

A dance song that targets key "body parts" vocabulary, getting students dancing and demonstrating body parts.


A funky rap song that targets the introduction of the letters of the alphabet providing words for examples.

Des questions

A rap song that targets the six basic question words - Qui, Que, Pourquoi, Quand, Comment, Où. 

Des mots descriptifs

A hard rock song that targets the comprehension and manipulation of adjectives.

À la ferme

A rap song that targets key "farm animal" vocabulary and reinforces manipulation of -ER verbs. 

À la ferme (instrumental)

Instrumental version of the rap song that targets key "farm animal" vocabulary and reinforces manipulation of -ER verbs.

Sautez !

A reggae song that targets -ER verbs and introduces/ reinforces the imperative form. Get your students jumping and learning.


 A familar tune that targets comprehension of the verb "Avoir"; including conjugation, spelling and use in sentences.

Au carnaval

A blues-type song that targets key “Carnaval du Québec” vocabulary and tells the story of what transpires during the carnival. 

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