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Français ! Français ! - FULL MP3 ALBUM DOWNLOAD

Français ! Français ! - FULL MP3 ALBUM DOWNLOAD

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Étienne has teamed up with Roland Bibeau to produce this CEFR-friendly French introduction to important French vocabulary of all kinds for students starting out in French or for those needing a good review. This album features 10 dynamic vocabulary-based songs and 10 instrumental versions that are perfect for class time karaoke. Complete MP3 ALBUM DOWNLOAD of all 20 songs. Good for beginners.

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Français ! Français !

A rock anthem song featuring basic, common French vocabulary and expressions. 

À l'école

A rock song covering common classroom vocabulary and expressions.

Cherchez partout        (La maison) !

 A funky song that plays like a game of hide-and-seek covering common house vocabulary and expressions.

Célébrons les couleurs !

A folky song for French color vocabulary.

J'adore ma famille

A blues song covering key family vocabulary and interesting brain-teasers.

Le calendrier

A fun song that teaches days, months and all common French calendar vocabulary.

En vogue et à la mode

A sly song that plays like a fashion song covering common French clothing and expressions. 

Les parties du corps

 A song that plays like a game of Simon Says! interactively teaching common French body parts.

Comptez !

A catchy song covering French numbers from one to one million. 

Le transport 

A rap song that takes you on a ride teaching common French transportation vocabulary and expressions. 

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