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Engage your students with this interactive activities package that will get your students singing, dancing, laughing, playing, listening, reading, writing and speaking French using the verb AVOIR (and some "passé composé") as the central focus. Perfect for seatwork, centers or homework. The song and videos for AVOIR II are from the new ÉTIENNE XXV album. Activities were created by the talented Maddy Shipton and by Étienne.

The AVOIR II Package comes complete with:


-Instrumental version of song AVOIR II

-Your own copy of this OFFICIAL music lyric video for the song AVOIR II: https://youtu.be/MM8GmwP0Ub8

-Bonus Beach Ball Video for AVOIR II (complete with beach ball moves and lyrics)

-Karaoke version of video for AVOIR II

-Thorough introduction, instructions, song lyrics

-Dozens of activities, games and challenges for students to do individually, in pairs or as a class.

-Skit with interchangeable vocabulary

-Several assessment and evaluation tools

All available on instant download.

Together, we got this! Just another tool from Educorock to help you #rockyourclass

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