DJ DELF Dailies French bell work / convo starter videos package - Shipped on 3 USBs

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Get all 310 videos on three USBs. This package includes 115 "Sujet du jour,"  115 "Énigme du jour," 40 "Jeudimage" and 40 "Mardi musique" videos, the complete DJ DELF Dailies Activity Tools and Assessment Guide (pdf) and the introductory video.

Learn more about this great resource by enjoying this free Rock Your French Bell Work mini-course:

That is almost 9 hours of video content (68 GB) worth of French videos for French students of all ages, all levels, all grades, all curricula! It is like having DJ DELF co-teach with you all year or for the rest of your career! Another French voice to work alongside of you.

BONUS: The Mardi musique videos come with 40 songs, 20 music videos and 10 of the songs are French culture classics. An instant French culture boost to your program.

This three USB option provides you convenience as we will ship your videos to you already preloaded and organized.  

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