ETIENNE XXV - Level 4 - Super Fan Pack

ETIENNE XXV - Level 4 - Super Fan Pack

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Celebrate 25 years of Étienne with the last Étienne album you will ever need. This album features nine completely re-worked, re-recorded and re-mastered classics and one new song - Être II. Tracks include:

Aller * Avoir II * Mon, ma, mes * La salle de classe * Pourquoi Take French? * A-I-S * Les verbes pronominaux * Dansez ! * Sautez ! * Être II * PTF? (version Guy Tariste) " Étre II (version rock)

Your LEVEL 4 Super Fan Pack includes:

-All 12 songs on instant download

-All 12 music/lyric videos on instant download

-One autographed limited edition CD (shipped)

-One limited edition ETIENNE XXV rock t-shirt (shipped)

-Five autographed Cheat-sheet posters (shipped)

-The first five Étienne albums on USB (shipped)

-Complete Lyrics book on instant download

-Complete Music Sheets book on instant download

-Complete Chord Charts book on instant download

-A copy of the "Pourquoi Take French? - 25 Years of Étienne" documentary on download (upon completion)

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