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  • Flexible For All

    "It's like you're giving us molding clay that's been molded into something, but it's flexible enough that I can rechange it."

    Gr.4-8 FSL teacher, WECDSB

  • Diverse Projects

    "Truly a univeral design to learning with many "on ramps." My class of 32 includes students with mild intellectual disabilities and ESL. This would have scared me in the past but today this resource is my fabulous teaching partner!"

    Gr. 8 Teacher, TDSB

  • Inclusive for All

    "The IC Reader approach means I don't teach; I facilitate.

    My students experienced a level of empowerment that respected their lived experiences and a
    space to explore their thoughts and emotions reflectively and collectively."

    Gr. 7 Teacher, TDSB

  • Readers as Game Consoles

    "Books have never been this fun and educational for my students. Even my students that hate reading and never participate are up, moving, and learning."

    Gr. 9 Core French, WCDSB

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Interactive readers, activities, games, and concerts for all subjects and levels.