Grammar Jams 2

Grammar Jams 2

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Clever rap, hip-hop, club dance and rock songs that promote English literacy in kids of all ages. Described by teachers and parents as energetic, engaging and even life-changing, experience the songs by "Canada's Favorite Children's Artist"(MTV) Etienne. Complete album download. All 20 tracks including 10 instrumental versions for karaoke or new song creation fun. Good for introduction or review. All grades. All levels.

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1. Misspelled Wirdz (covers the most commonly misspelled words in English)

2. Prefix-ation (the study, understanding, manipulation of prefixes)

3. Suffix-ation (the study, understanding, manipulation of suffixes)

4. Question Words (delve into the six basic questions words)

5. Tongue Fixters (pronunciation-helping tongue twisters)

6. The Pronoun Song (subject, object, possessive pronouns)

7. Rhyming Song (interactive rhyming words and patterns song)

8. To Make Do (present and past tenses of the verbs to do/make)

9. All About Poetry (poetry types, parts and tools)

10. The Positive Song (a motivating anthem)




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