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French teachers and students will love the higher level of grammatical and thematic structures covered on this album. Songs like A-I-S for the imperfect and conditional tenses, Le futur for the future tenses, the popular rock song Dr. & Mrs. Vandertramp, will get stuck in their heads forever. That is good news! Complete album MP3 download. Good for introduction or review. All grades. All levels.

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Le futur

A contagious hip-hop song that focuses on the comprehension and manipulation of all verbs in "le futur simple". This song gets students dancing and singing the proper verb endings.  


A thumping techno track that will have your students conjugating all verbs using “l’imparfait” and “le conditionnel.”  

C'est le temps 

An in-your-face alternative rock song that targets comprehension and manipulation of words in the imperative form. Students sing and move to directions of Étienne

Les verbes pronominaux

An energetic club dance song highlighting comprehension and manipulation of various types of “reflexive verbs.”

Dr. & Mrs. Vandertramp

A rock anthem for the key verbs that use Être in “le passé composé.”  

Prononcez-les bien !

A rap song that specifically establishes proper pronunciation of difficult and common sounds in French.  Popular tongue-twisters en route to a better understanding of pronunciation.

Vouloir, c'est pouvoir

 A hip-hop song aimed at comprehension and manipulation of the verbs “vouloir” and “pouvoir.”

Les numéros

A clever rap song dealing with the comprehension and pronunciation of numbers. This song covers numbers from zero to one billion.

À la mode

A relaxing and fun reggae song that introduces key "clothing" vocabulary. Run your own in-class fashion show!  

J'étais l'imparfait

A powerfully real rock song discussing teenage issues such as labeling, loneliness, personal issues and importance of making good choices; while covering the imperfect tense.  

Le bleu de tes yeux

An impassioned love song designed for units on romance and love in literature, poetry and song. Perfect for a class debate on the meaning of love and relationships. 

C'est le Temps (Remix)

A bold rap version of the song that targets comprehension and manipulation of words in the imperative form. Students sing and move to directions of Étienne; learning key words and phrases. 

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