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DJ DELF Kit Life Aspects PLUS a READER - Individual Packages by Life Aspect

DJ DELF Kit Life Aspects PLUS a READER - Individual Packages by Life Aspect

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Want to try just one life aspect (unit) from the DJ DELF Kit? You can! You can get a complete life aspect download PLUS we will ship you a copy of the READER for each life aspect you order!

You will receive full forever access to the each chosen life aspect including all authentic activities, 2 songs, 2  music lyric videos, 4 animated conversational videos package, and full members’ section website access.

Song/Life Aspect




Je me présente A1, A2, B1 This life aspect introduces students to four different people and covers how students can introduce themselves and speak about where they live, their interests and hobbies. 
Ma journée typique A1, A2, B1 DJ DELF introduces students to a typical day in the life of a rock star. This life aspect covers common phrases used to describe many aspects of daily life. The activities build students’ aptitude in this area.
C’est moi A1, A2, B1, B2 DJ DELF opens up about himself in this life aspect. Activities guide students towards maintaining spontaneous conversations regarding their ever-changing thoughts, deeds and feelings.
Mon point de vue B1, B2, C1 This serious life aspect serves as a guide to assist students in explaining viewpoints, constructing arguments, defending opinions, and negotiating within various situations. Perfect for essays!
Suivez mes directions ! A2, B1, B2 DJ DELF navigates students through the streets of his city.  Activities cover routine tasks as one goes about their business navigating to and from all types of buildings found in a typical city.
Faisons du shopping ! A1, A2, B1 Go shopping with DJ DELF! Via the interactive activities, students will discover & practice the vocabulary needed to interact in any shopping environment and independently discuss opinions and choices.
Au Café D.E.L.F. A1, A2, B1 Step into DJ DELF's personal café where you can order as much as you want off the menu! Students gain the tools necessary to maintain interaction at a restaurant while holding discussions & expressing opinions.
Une planète à partager A1, A2, B1, B2 DJ DELF raps about his friends and family around the world in this energetic hip-hop song. The accompanying activities engage students in learning and practicing details of over 30 different countries and nationalities.
Bravo ! A1, A2, B1 DJ DELF pumps out 40 positive, polite, energetic and commonly used phrases that can be frequently and seamlessly injected into any daily, life conversation.


Each life aspect is good for introduction or review. All grades. All levels. All curricula.

Choose one or more. Wait until you see these readers! They include all the activities and guide you and your students down the road to French proficiency in each life aspect.

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