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Educorock Español - FULL MP3 ALBUM DOWNLOAD

Educorock Español - FULL MP3 ALBUM DOWNLOAD

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Clever rap, hip-hop, club dance and rock songs that teach Spanish vocabulary and grammar to kids of all ages. Described by teachers and parents as energetic, engaging and even life-changing, experience songs like “La sala de clase”, “Tener”, “Ser” and “Los colores.” Complete MP3 album download. All 22 tracks including 11 instrumental versions for karaoke or new song creation fun. Good for introduction or review. All grades. All levels

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1. Tener (An in-your-face club dance song that targets comprehension and manipulation of the verb TENER)

2. Andar con -AR (A powerful rock song targeting comprehension of regular -AR verbs)

3. Mi, Mi, Mis (A contagious hip-hop song that targets possessive adjectives)

4. Ser (A rock anthem song that targets comprehension of the verb SER)

5. Los Blues en (A mean blues tune that will have you manipulating regular -IR verbs with ease)

6. La Sala de Clase (A funky rap song targeting comprehension of key classroom vocabulary words)

7. Los Colores (A hip-hop song played to a familiar tune that targets the basic colors)

8. En la Granja (A rap song that targets key farm animal vocabulary)

9. En la Granja (Instrumental)

10. Los Pronombres (A energetic rock song that targets personal pronouns)

11. El Cuerpo (A club dance song that targets key body parts vocabulary)

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