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MA JOURNÉE TYPIQUE - DJ DELF Series - IC Reader - Single copy or Class sets of 20 or 30 with FULL FOREVER PLATFORM ACCESS INCLUDED ($135 value)

MA JOURNÉE TYPIQUE - DJ DELF Series - IC Reader - Single copy or Class sets of 20 or 30 with FULL FOREVER PLATFORM ACCESS INCLUDED ($135 value)

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The MA JOURNÉE TYPIQUE interactive comprehensive reader comes with a story, activities, daily organizers, questionnaires, videos, a skit, final projects, assessment support, and so much more.

# of pages: 78 inclusive (race, gender) pages of full-color graphics, photographic images, and large text

Language: French (100%)

Levels: Core French Grades 3-10, French Immersion grades 2-9, CEFR levels A1, A2, B1 / ACTFL: Beginner to Intermediate (Levels 1-3)

Story Summary: Your students will experience a typical day in the life of the rockstar DJ DELF. From waking up, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth, to heading to the studio, concert hall, and hotel, students will engage with everyday vocabulary and expressions that they can use to explain and plan out their own daily routines.

Authentic Activities: 16+ pdf and “fillable” pdf scaffolded activities using daily calendar forms, questionnaires, skits, and more to get students reading, listening, writing, and speaking their way down the road to French proficiency.  


-Complete digital version of the reader for shared reading activities.

-Full, forever access to the reader’s online resource platform with 1-2-3 step by step instructions, video examples of activities, and easy download and shareable pdfs, fillable pdfs, videos, and songs.

-Skit with 4 videos for students to live-practice their French with two Francophone characters and make their own skits based on the life aspect of one’s daily routine.

-Videos, songs, extra games, activities, and assessment grids.

-29 different during and post-reading strategies to make reading the story interactive and provide new angles for better comprehension. Try two or three of them!

-Extended opportunities for your students to engage live with DJ DELF, making this the world’s only living resource!

Projects: Includes 10+ authentic projects providing students with multiple combinations of real-life practice with this life aspect. Assessment and evaluation packages included.

Author: Steven “ÉTIENNE” Langlois

ISBN: 978-1-7752480-7-1

DELF/CEFR niveaux A1/A2/B1/B2 - Des romans graphiques interactifs français qui riment et rock ! La série DJ DELF est la série de romans graphiques vivants n°1 car les lecteurs peuvent interagir avec le vrai DJ DELF !

Dans le livre Ma journée typique, DJ DELF décrit une journée type de sa vie de rockstar. Que ce soit pour se lever, prendre son petit-déjeuner, se brosser les dents, faire des interviews, enregistrer des chansons et donner des concerts. Ma journée typique fait partie de la série de livres DJ DELF. Chaque livre est livré avec des questions, des codes QR pour une vidéo musicale, un accès à des activités d'apprentissage, plus de vidéos et des moyens de vous connecter avec DJ DELF en concert ou en personne.

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